Kids Carnival is a 2-hour event on May 30th, for kids aged 1 through 13

Kids Carnival is a 2-hour event on May 30th, for kids aged 1 through 13

Hi Nancy,

The purpose of my letter is to tell everyone about the Kids Carnival, and then to ask for volunteers to help me run this exciting event. Near the bottom of this message is a list of “fun jobs” that I need help with.

This Kids Carnival is a 2-hour event on May 30th, for kids aged 1 through 13, that will run two hours before the Fish Fry ceremonies. The idea is to have something for the kids to do at this event where, traditionally, only the adults have been participating (and winning nice prizes). This year, our kids will have the opportunity to be more than spectators. There are five (5) games, described below, in which over 100 small carnival-type prizes can be won. Just to name a few, there are inflatable guitars, rubber snakes, kazoos, tattoos, badminton raquets, sun glasses, sheriff badges, walkie-talkies, bowling games, eye patches, whistles, hair brushes, etc. Just like at all carnivals, these are little toys and the kids have fun with them. Every eligible (1 to 13) kid can buy tickets and play the games. Each of the five (5) games will have it’s own “ticket bucket” for the five (5) “Big” prizes to be awarded through ticket raffles. To assure fairness to all eligible kids, guidelines and ticket color coding will be in place. Tickets will cost 6 for $5. 5 tickets will be for playing the games and 1 (a different color) will be a chance for winning the bicycles.

The five games are:

1. Harpoon a Balloon The standard pierce-balloons-with-darts game
2. Fling a Ring The standard ring-toss games using tall noodle characters
3. Punch a Bunch Tissue-covered coffee cans; kids punch the tissue and grab what’s inside: candies, prizes, tickets to play more games
4. Hook a Crook AnOTher ring-toss game using hooks on a peg board
5. Lucky Ducky Our version of the duck pond, but without water; a quacking, battery-operated, table-top game

The five “Big” prizes are:

1. 2 Bicycles (1 boy’s 18-speed, and 1 girl’s 21-speed)
2. 1 Galileo tripod-mounted telescope (kids 14 to 18 can also enter the drawing for this)
3. 1 Giant over-stuffed gorilla
4. 1 Large stuffed turtle
5. 1 Large stuffed bull dog

I am taking telephonic applications for the below positions. Although the pay isn’t that good, you’ll enjoy a great title, and you’ll have my sincere thanks and personal gratitude:

1. Table and Tent Setup Specialists (around noon)
2. Ticket Sales Executives
3. Balloon Inflation Technicians
4. Adolescent Game Operators
5. Tattoo Application Artists

Please call me here in Rocky Point @ 602-324-7198 (Vonage), or 383-7560. Or contact Pat Goodin @ 382-5056. Thank you.
Diane Aliano

her email is