Meeting summary with the local US consulate

Meeting summary with the local US consulate

As reported by Barb Dammanns

A Town Hall meeting was held on Jan. 11th 2012 at the Hotel Penasco del Sol to introduce Chad P. Cummins, the new Consul General and his staff to the American community of Puerto Penasco. 

The meeting followed the town hall format of taking questions and listening to concerns of the we’ll represented Americans.  The questions and concerns covered many topics ranging from travel warnings that result in unfavorable press in the U.S. to how to deal with a U.S. citizen’s death in Mexico.

The consulate in Nogales does not issue the warnings.  They come from the U. S. government (Homeland Security).  New warnings for this year will play down the Puerto Penasco Area.

In the case of death only a family member, with current identification, (U.S. passport – drivers license – etc.) can identify the body.  When the body is identified  and at the funeral home the director will help you with all other arrangements.  Carrillos Funeral Home was mentioned as very helpful with English speaking personnel available.  More information’s available on the website.

The consulate will help with any emergency (deaths, accidents,natural disasters, etc.) 24 hours a day.  They can best help you if you are registered at the consulate in Nogales.  They will already have your contact information on file and this will save you time and trouble in an emergency. You can register, preferably on the website, or by requesting the forms by phone. 

Following is the contact information for the U. S. Consulate:

  Office hours  8 -5  (M – F)

          Phone 01- 631- 311- 8150  press 0

                 Emergency 24 hours


Consul General    Chad P. Cummins

phone (631) 311- 8155  Ext. 8155

Fax    ( 631) 313-4797