Minutes of the March 18, 2007 meeting

Minutes of the March 18, 2007 meeting


A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, April 29, 2007 at the Cholla Community Center. The meeting was called to at order 9:00 AM by President Michael Dugan with the following members present: Helen Dahlstrom, Alan Peterson, Jim Niblack, Pat Sledge, Tom Clark, Don Vawter, Gene Court, Don Schmidli, Ken Goodin, Shirley McDonald and Gerry Nelson, Delegate of Vigilance.

Absent: Steve Lee, Pete Pisciotta, Lew Felton, Bill Drake, and Valente Cornejo, Mexican Representative.


The board had previously received minutes of the March 18, 2007 meeting. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. There being none, he then asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and minutes approved.


Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out reports showing income and expenditures through March 31, 2007. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. There being none, he asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and report approved.


There are 713 members paid in full, 78 not current, 240 that are unclear for a total membership of 1,031. There are 4 Mexican members who are not required to pay but did. Ms. Dahlstrom said she hopes to be able in the near future to know why the 240 people are not paid.

Pat Sledge said we need some way to work with developers while they are building so the Vecinos will be in the loop and get a better handle on memberships when the project is completed and sold.

Mr. Dugan said Jessie Arvizu told him if he was given a list of homeowners who are not paying, he would not pick up their garbage.

There was a lot of discussion regarding ways to work toward total membership in the Vecinos, most of which has been discussed several times.

Alan Peterson reported he had met with an official from Bancomer regarding the trusts, etc. and told him the Vecinos would work with them in any they could. Mr. Peterson asked them for a complete list of the trusts they hold for Cholla Bay. One of the problems with trusts has been the re-surveying which supposedly is about completed.


The CC&R’s were discussed and Mr. Dugan wondered if we were trying too late to correct some problems. Some board members felt there was still a need for some kind of control over future building.

Mr. Peterson was concerned that the city attorney might be looking to make money by demanding that all the work be done for the CC&R’s which could be as much as $100,000. A question was asked regarding the building guidelines used by Rocky Point, and since Cholla is under the jurisdiction of Rocky Point, why not look into their guidelines and the possible use of them in Cholla. Mr. Peterson that was one of the things he was looking at. He said one thing he found out was from a public health standpoint, Cholla is under their jurisdiction. There are to be no more
Leech systems but must be a contained, clean out type of septic.


At the Clubhouse chairman’s request, Secretary reported prices on the new toilets ranging from $99.99 to $179. They were American Standard ADA approved for handicap, complete. Motion was made, seconded and approved to buy four new toilets. There was a discussion as to whether or not seats were included.

Chairman Pat Sledge reported planned changes to the clubhouse will be done this summer, including a new floor, toilets and moving a window and blocking the hole up.


Mr. Dugan asked that the election results be read. Those elected are as follows:

Michael Dugan, President Pat Sledge, Vice President
Helen Dahlstrom, Treasurer Gerry Nelson, Delegate of Vigilance
Valente Cornejo, Mexican Representative

Board Members: Tom Clark
Jim Niblack
Pete Pisciotta

2007-2008 Budget approved.

Mr. Dugan reported he was meeting Monday, April 30 with Benjamin Brown basically as an introduction and to convey to him some of the concerns the Vecinos have for the future of Cholla Bay. Some subjects he wanted to discuss were CC&R’s, water, sewer, underground electric and trusts.

Mr. Peterson explained the Company may have a problem with re-surveying each manzana because the trust is a legal document and for a whole block to have changes, every person involved has to sign off and that may not happen and could go on forever.

For the benefit of new board members, there was a long explanation from Mr. Peterson as to how Cholla Bay was regularized and the fact that the developer did not have monies available to pay their share, monies were collected from homeowners and the developer put up land as collateral for a lien to finish the infrastructure of Cholla which included sewer, water and electric. Electric was started in the late 90’s with sewer and water to follow but it has been about 7 years and Cholla is still waiting for completion.

Mr. Sledge said not only do we need to have a good relationship with the government of Rocky Point but also with the Company.



Chairman Pete Pisciotta was absent so no report.


Chairman Gene Court reported a meeting on the park following the board meeting and invited anyone interested to attend. They are going forward with plans for the park. He said the playground itself will be geared for children 2 to 12.

Mr. Court said the park plan is now on the HOA website.


Chairman Alan Peterson made a report as to housing for future ambulance service and proposed satellite fire department.

He also reported that Toto has been re-assigned in town due to the firing of a top level person.

At the general meeting on Saturday, there were complaints from homeowners that they did not see police on the Easter weekend and Mr. Peterson said there were 5 more police than normal as well as the state police.


Nothing to report.


Pat Sledge asked about the status of the fire truck offered to Cholla from Iowa City that had been driven to Phoenix. It was a GMC or Chevy with about 9,000 miles on it. Mr. Peterson said the City has asked for a photo copy of the title. Mr. Peterson said there are some problems in the Fire Department Administration in Penasco and the indication is that the Governor has become involved in the problem and hope to get the problems straightened out. Mr. Peterson said the Mayor has indicated if they get a copy of the title, they will pursue the process of getting the truck imported.
Mr. Sledge said he would check to see if it was still available.

Mr. Sledge and Mr. Dugan are planning some work on Tucson Beach including some parking restrictions and work on the existing palapas and add one more palapa.


Secretary asked if there was to be a June meeting? There was a discussion the board needs to be in contact by email whether there is a meeting or not. Some of us are in and out of Cholla the entire summer and can relay news to those not down during the summer.

Saturday meetings in lieu of Sunday meetings was discussed and the board decided to leave the meetings on Sunday.

Despite someone posting the May meeting on the website as May 19 (which is a Saturday) the May meeting will be held on Sunday, May 13.

Cholla Rules and Regulations were discussed. The board is to make any changes they feel necessary before the next meeting and they will then be taken to the Chief of Police in Rocky for his approval and stamp and then posted on the roads and beaches in Cholla.

There was also a discussion with regard to keeping track of warnings to homeowners about any kind of violations at their rentals where the police have to be called and complaints recorded. In this way if the there is a time the Vecinos decide to impose fines, there would be paper work to back up the fines.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned at l0:40 AM.

Future meetings are as follows:

Sunday, May 13, 2007
Sunday, June 10, 2007
July meeting (or not) to be decided.
Sunday, October 14, 2007
Sunday. November 11, 2007
Sunday, December 9, 2007

Respectfully submitted,


Shirley McDonald, Secretary