“New Warden in Town”

“New Warden in Town”

Dear Hoa and vecinos de la Cholla,

I have recently been called to serve as Warden for the US consulate in México. My Job consists of reaching every US citizen in time to alert them of any disaster or warning issued by the consulate for foreign travel. I will keep you informed in case of an emergency and will be prepared to offer assistance in case you are stranded, lose passports, or become ill and are seeking help from the US embassy or consulate.

What I need from you in order to help is for every US citizen to register with the US consulate and state that you have a second home in Rocky Point. And whenever you are traveling, please take the time and advise the consulate so that they can inform wardens all over México to be able to assist or find you in case you are in need. Please go to the following web site and enter your information: http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/registration/registration_4789.html.

Sandy Beach Resorts

Aron Benjamin Brown

Mexico Office~638-383-0600

US Direct~623-298-4813