Puerto Penasco Travel Update

Puerto Penasco Travel Update

Brian Heffernan, a 8 year full time resident of Cholla Bay, works in Real Estate and also works with local officials on promoting Tourism. His email reports on an important meeting held in Rocky Point recently. After reading this follow the link to a HOA Security Update by by HOA board member Jim Niblack.

From: Brian Heffernan [mailto:brianinmexico08@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 3:22 PM
To: ‘Brian Heffernan’
Subject: Hello from Penasco !!

Hello again from sunny Puerto Penasco. The weather has been great all February. March continues to bring us 80 degree temperatures along with light breezes, calm seas and great visibility. Baja is easily seen all day long. Even Bird Island is prominent with it’s 3 peaks poking out of the water.

This month It seems Mexico has been in the crosshairs of the newspapers and TV stations in the U.S. Yes, there are problems with some of the borders, (Tijuana, Nogales, Juarez) but the Lukeville border has remained problem free. The local and state government are always patrolling and visitors from the North can always feel secure on the highway to Puerto Penasco. I have traveled once a month to the states and back for 10 years and have never had an incident. Many people that live here feel more secure here than driving the streets of Phoenix. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Phoenix and enjoy visiting once a month!

Last evening we had a meeting at the auditorium across from the Municipal building here in Puerto Penasco. There were over 300 folks that attended and all were related to the tourism industry. There were owners of restaurants, curio shops, boat charters, developers and real estate professionals. We gathered to address the needs of the city in respect to tourism. We hope to come together with ideas to help eliminate some of the current fears that have been projected by the press. Also attending the meeting were the Mayor of Puerto Penasco and the police chief. Both men arrived without any security. Our town is still the safe beach town we have known and loved!

The police chief requested the following: If pulled over,be respectful to the officer. Ask why you are being pulled over. If the officer is going to give you a ticket, he will request you to follow him to the police station or jail. Because of the language differences he may say “I am taking you to jail” meaning the police station. Never pay the policeman on the spot. If you have problems, write the number of the police car down and the time and date and report it to the police station. Our new police chief has been on the job 2 months and has fired 12 officers and placed one in jail. He is all about maintaining a high level of professionalism in the police department. We need to help the chief weed out the bad apples.

Passports..You must have a passport or passport wallet card by June 1st of this year. It only takes 3 weeks to receive your passport. Here is the Website to begin this process.. www.travel.state.gov

Please do not let the bad press deter you plans of visiting Puerto Penasco. The border is safe, the road is safe, and the town is safe!!

Do not hesitate to email or call me with comments.

See you soon,

Brian Heffernan
Licensed Realtor in Mexico

E-mail: brianinmexico08@yahoo.com


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