Recent question concerning bank trusts

Recent question concerning bank trusts

I was wondering if there is anyone in the HOA that can help with the trust situation? Our property is at M27 L14. We have provided everything required, our lot has been rectified, they have our current addresse, e-mail and phone numbers. It has been almost 3 years now since we purchased our property. The last we heard from SBR was Bancomer has all our documents, but SBR is no longer doing anymore on the trusts. We went into Bancomer.They said we should have our trust in 2 1/2 mos. That was the beginning of Sept. I can’t get any response at all now from SBR or Bancomer. Do you have any insight to the maddening situation? I know there are several other people in the same situation. Is there anyway we can get some assistance? We hear a new excuse everytime we finally do get in touch with someone at the bank or SBR.

Fred and Christine McGinty
M27 L14

President Mike Dugan’s response

I am not sure that SBR can do anything that they haven’t done already. In a meeting with Benji Brown, Shirley McDonald, Pete Peterson and myself, it was found out that there are different problems in various accounts. They have attempted to notify the people and then resolve the outstanding issues.
Once resolved, the “package” is put together and approved by SBR, it is sent to the bank, Bancomer. At this point it is out of their hands and an issue between yourself and Bancomer.
The best that I can suggest its to contact the representative at the bank. Their office is the small room on the North side of the bank.(See update below)

My first suggestion would be to go to the SBR office during working hours and ask for Karla to verify that your package has been sent to Bancomer. If it has been sent to the bank, you have to contact Bancomer, not SBR.

Update from Mike.. (1/15/08)

I was informed that the Trust department office has moved to an office on Fremont street. This is the road leading to Caborca. I believe it is in the “Fremont Plaza”. New structure on the North side of the street. If you get to the road that turns off to Maya Palace, you’ve gone too far!!!!!!!!!!!!