Red Cross substation in Cholla

Red Cross substation in Cholla

I received this idea from Susan Boyd and am passing it along to you. Any responses I will forward to her.
Nancy S.

Some friends and I were talking and came up with what we think is a great idea for Cholla.I also think that it would make homes more salable to retired folks if they had the security of knowing that there was medical assistance in Cholla.

I would like to suggest that we get another red cross substation in Cholla like we used to have. Just in the last year or so, this is just what I’m aware of right now and I am sure that there are many more cases in and around Cholla … Lylia’s broken leg, Dave’s arm needing stitches, CC’s broken leg, kid on quad with severe broken leg, guy on golf cart vs. power pole – broken pelvis, 2 people at the concert (broken leg and the other with 2 broken legs) would all have benefited by a substation – not to mention all of the sandy beach accidents. Heck, we don’t pay for police any longer, maybe home owner association could fund this. Ya know, none of us are getting any younger… who knows who might need help next!

More people are full-time in Cholla now, not to mention workers are everywhere, I’m sure they have accidents too.

Sheila K. Boyd
Tucson, AZ