Regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, February 14, 2010

Regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, February 14, 2010



A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, February 14, 2010 at the Cholla Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Michael Dugan with the following board members present: Helen Dahlstrom, Ken Goodin, Gene Court, Shirley McDonald, Lew Felton, Tom Clark, Jim Niblack, Steve Lee, Pete Pisciotta, Pat Sledge, and Mexican Representative Valente Cornejo.

Absent: Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Alan Peterson and Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance.


The board had previously received minutes of the January 17, 2010 meeting. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. There being none, he then asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and minutes approved.


Ms. Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures through January 31, 2010. There was a discussion regarding oil change costs for the Quad used by the police.
There being no further discussions, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and report approved.


Ms. Dahlstrom reported there are 686 paid members, 176 that are not current, 3 Mexican members who didn’t have to pay but did for a total membership of 868. There are currently 102 memberships whose status is unclear.


Nothing to report. Mr. Dugan said the City of Rocky Point is still working on their CC&Rs.


Mr. Sledge said the fascia had been talked about but nothing done yet. He passed around a drawing of cabinets he wanted to have built for the wall between hall and kitchen entrance.
The left side of the proposed cabinets would be for the OBSC Clothes Closet, the middle would contain sound equipment and the right side would be for the benefit of CBSC.

He said he wasn’t sure the Vecinos should be solely responsible for the cost of it. He wanted to get rid of the white cabinet and the shelves now holding the sound system by the kitchen. He said he received a bid of $1,875.00 and with installation, it would probably be about $2,000.
It will be custom built out of hickory and match the bar. The center section will be about 24″ inches deep and the outside sections will be 18″ deep. It will have a privacy glass on the top to cover the media equipment and cabinets underneath.

He will be presenting the idea to the OBSC later and feels at least a part of the cost should be funded by the OBSC and CBSC.

He was asked if there would be new equipment and Mr. Sledge said that was another conversation. Mr. Dugan felt if the cabinets were going to be done, it would be a good time to have a competent person look at the sound system. He would like to see the system a little bit easier to work with and more audible.

A motion was made by Mr. Lee that $4,000 be allocated for new cabinet and sound system with the sound cost being the at the expense of the Vecinos. His motion was seconded and approved.

Mr. Sledge had also taken some measurements of the kitchen which he passed around to board members. He said he was not planning to spend any money at this time but wanted the members to know what he was doing. The kitchen is very hard to work in due to present placement of everything. The back serving line is nothing more than a storage area and catchall for everything. He feels there should be some air through there but by adding cabinets and rearranging things, the whole kitchen would be more workable. The double refrigerator should be at the end of that side, the present fryers and maybe another one should be place there with a work space on each side plus adding some more cabinets.

Mr. Niblack asked if his concern was a safety issue or the flow of the kitchen and Mr. Sledge said there was definitely a safety issue. He said they have been lucky over the years that none of the wood beams near the fryers never caught fire. One of the things he would like to do was wrap the beams or take the wood out and use block.

Mr. Sledge said people have trouble turning on the lights and gas to the stoves. What he plans won’t be cheap because it will be a remodel of the whole kitchen and thinks the cost would be at least $30,000.

There was a discussion about the last party being quite a few less than is normally present at the OBSC parties and Mr. Sledge said he would like to encourage members to use the facility. There are people who want to use the building in June. He said it is cheap being $200 at most. That is one reason he would like the kitchen to be set up so people can walk in and turn things on without someone having to be around to do it for them. He had put together a book several years ago on everything in the kitchen but it seems to have disappeared.

Mr. Dugan said he could see the Vecinos enjoining in the cost of upgrading where the physical structures were concerned such as wiring, block work, etc with the two clubs handling the balance of the work. Mr. Dugan also suggested that Mr. Sledge work on this project for the Vecinos and to talk with OBSC and CBSC representatives together so they can start a discussion as to what everyone wants to do. Mr. Sledge said he will get some more measurements that he
needs and proceed with the preliminary work.


Nothing to report.


In the absence of Chairman Jerry Ketelhut, Jr, Mr. Dugan reported they were able to acquire the roll-offs from Sal Otanez. One is on the truck, one at the garbage dump and the other one replaced the old trailer at JJs. There are still some funds left from another project and they are presently working on some screening on the new trailers to keep the dogs out of the garbage.

He said there is some group that comes out on Thursdays and picks up the garbage in the Borracho Flat area. Mr. Cornejo said the trash was being picked up by RP for Mexicans only. It is normally a 50 peso charge but before the elections the man elected Mayor came to the area and said he would pick up their garage free if they voted for him but the service stopped about a month ago.

Mr. Dugan said he and Mr. Ketelhut and the man from the garbage company are meeting and maybe they can talk about their intentions as to Cholla Bay. He will let the board know what comes out of that meeting.

They have a new program for servicing the garbage truck. New filters and other things needed were brought from the states because some things needed can’t be purchased in Mexico.

Mr. Niblack said there was an article in the Rocky Point paper about the garbage company. They have seven trucks and very irregular service because if a truck is broken, the other trucks often run three shifts rather than two. They are redoing their landfill and trying to expand it.


Chairman Pete Pisciotta said the small drag is still at the farm. The road was a mess but they worked on it and it is much better. He is putting signs at the curve coming into Cholla to beware of the dangerous curve. He talked to Bengie about whether or not they were going to take care of the curve and he said not in the near future.

Mr. Dugan said in a conversation with Bengie Brown, he was told if the Vecinos wanted to make a drag, he was sure they could find things at the equipment yard to make it. He said if they came up with a design, they could probably get steel and other materials from the yard

Mr. Pisciotta said he has two problems with signs – wind and vehicles. One on the Beach was driven over and broken. There is a sign near the Clubhouse that warns of a dangerous curve and it was run over. Mr. Niblack said some municipalities have a ground fixture with signs bolted to
it. If a sign gets hit and broken off, they can replace it by just bolting the old sign (or new one)
to the ground fixture.

Mr. Pisciotta told Mr. Niblack he had the signs warning about the possibility of cars being searched and needed to know where they were to be placed. They were getting together to make that decision.


Chairman Gene Court said he has checked the palapas and other things for wind damage. A lot of sand got moved around but couldn’t see anything major.


Chairman Jim Niblack said he had no reports of breakins. Mr. Dugan said he thought there were a couple of breakins in the vicinity of JJs but feels the two auxiliary police on the quad driving around Cholla has made a difference.

Mr. Dugan reported that the hijackers who struck around Christmas have been caught and are in jail and no bail. Mr. Dugan said the police is putting a lot of officers on the road between RP and Sonoyta. They want to really make parents feel their kids are safe to come down because spring break is coming up and they are hoping for a lot of people.

Secretary reported that the young policeman who drives around in a truck trimmed with red and green was the one who saw her boat house doors standing open and contacted friends who secured everything.


Nothing to report.


Mr. Dugan reported a problem with water being down about a week ago. Bengie Brown said they didn’t have any either and none on the hill. Since the Company turned lines on the hill over to OOMOPAS and a line broke, the Cholla trucks were able to go to another standpipe and get the necessary water. He said within about 3 days, either the City or Company fixed the line and water was back to normal.


Ms. Dahlstrom said she hasn’t heard from the auditor but will send her another email.

Mr. Dugan reported that elections are coming up on April 24th. He said people need to contact Lew Felton if they are interested in running for a position on the board by March 15th. He said the Newsletter is on the HOA website about a week before delivered to homes.

Ms. Dahlstrom said she needed to get budgets by the next meeting and if it is ready before that date, email it to her. She said they might need some help from people regarding manzanas to count meters so they can put a good budget together.

Mr. Dugan said he was checking a place that had a home and garage, both with meters. The owner said he didn’t use the boathouse electric much and uses his generator. Mr. Dugan said he thought there was a law (or something) that said once a meter is set, no generator would be used which is in competition with electrical provision by CFE. However, he was told that it is legal to use a generator for your own use but can’t sell power to someone else. Mr. Dugan said the dues based on electric meters will take effect in the next fiscal year.

Mr. Dugan brought up board members who chair a committee, such as architectural, security and several others. He wanted that committee chair to make sure they have a back-up to take care of problems if they arise and the chair is not available. It will help the board in making sure that function gets done without always letting it fall on one person. A suggestion was made to get someone who isn’t on the board to be a back-up and possibly get more people involved in Cholla. It was suggested that anyone who is willing to do the job be placed on a list that will be forwarded to the board.

At the last meeting Mr. Sledge had handed out information about looking into getting a Town Manager and at that time everyone seemed agreeable to moving forward with it. However, he has received feedback since then and he now feels that what he proposed is too big a leap of faith and he feels it will need to be eased into. The idea that Mr. Dugan suggested about using a back-up situation will help a lot. Mr. Dugan is now the back-up man and if he is away for a length of time, what happens to the needs of Cholla. Mr. Sledge feels with a back-up system, things will continue as they should.

Mr. Sledge said he would like to revisit the Town Manager idea a little bit and he asked Mr. Dugan to speak on it. Mr. Dugan said one person has basically handled Cholla and it fell for years on the President. He feels Cholla will function better if everyone works together and committee chairmen have a back-up and eliminate a lot of the smaller issues that fall on the President. Some people are in Cholla for long periods of time and if they could be persuaded to join in as a back-up, it will help eliminate the one person getting stuck with a lot of extra work.
That would allow the President to be more active with the City in finding out what they can and will do for Cholla Bay. Several people doing a little will negate the need to pay someone to do what is being done by one or two people.

If the concept that was proposed using back-up people doesn’t work, the door is still open down the road to again visit the possibility of hiring someone to work for Cholla. He and Mr. Sledge feel that with the economy the way it is now, this may not be the time to go forward with spending money for a Manager. The Board discussed keeping the office open on weekends and in the future will be looking for a solution to the problem. A suggestion was made that some telephone numbers be posted so people could call if they have a problem.


Mr. Dugan said he will get a property tax roll for the election process. Proxies will be sent in the Newsletter and will be posted on the website. Ms. Dahlstrom asked if there would be ballots in the Newsletter and was told they would not be sent. Someone in attendance at the meeting will be voting for anyone sending in a Proxie.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 10:35 AM.


A lady in the audience brought up the problem of decaying birds on the beach and wondered if the garbage people could pick them up. Mr. Dugan said he would check on that and a suggestion was made that she contact Jerry Ketelhut since he chairs the Garbage Committee.

John Perrotta said the garbage container by JJs is not bad in the winter but really smells in the summer, Mr. Sledge suggested that the container might be dumped more often in the summer time even if not full.

A gentleman in the audience said he wanted to thank the Board for their time.

Ray Flinn once again volunteered to take the concrete poles out of the area and was told the Board of Directors does not have the authority to remove the poles. He said he called CFE and he said the electric company said they were not theirs. Mr. Dugan suggested that Mr. Flinn, as an electrician, ask CFE to at least come out and remove the wire that goes through the pole to the box since some of them still have power. Mr. Sledge told Mr. Flinn they are not the property of the Vecinos and they can’t order them removed by him or anyone. He said we are not going to his house or anybody’s house no matter how bad they look to clean them up because the Board does not have the authority. He also said if we had CC&R’s the Vecinos could take care of it but there is nothing the Board can do.

He also said there was a vicious rumor going around that money for electricity, water and sewer paid by members about 12 or more years ago and two people told him they believe that money was taken by the Board and stole it. He wanted a complete reckoning of monies put on the websites. He was informed that the money was never given to the board but the State of Sonora
who doled out money to the contractor as work was performed. He was told if he wanted an audit of where the money went, he should contact Gus Brown.

He also made some remarks about land that supposedly had been given to the Vecinos. The Secretary informed him the land he was discussing was put up as collateral by Gus Brown as a promise to finish the infrastructure of Cholla Bay. It is being held by the State of Sonora and was not given to anyone.



Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary


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