Regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, January 17, 2010

Regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, January 17, 2010



A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, January 17, 2010 at the Cholla Community
Center. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Michael Dugan with the following board members present: Helen Dahlstrom, Shirley McDonald, Pat Sledge, Lew Felton, Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Pete Pisciotta, Gene Court, Tom Clark, Steve Lee and Ken Goodin.

Absent: Alan Peterson, Jim Niblack, Mexican Representative Valente Cornejo and Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance.


The board had previously received minutes of the December 13, 2010 meeting. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. One addition requested by Ms. Dahlstrom had been done earlier and reflected in the minutes. There being no further corrections, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and minutes approved.


Ms. Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures through December 31, 2009. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. Ms. Dahlstrom brought up that that the amount collected for water did not cover the Vecinos water bill and she wondered why. Mr. Dugan said there was a timing issue to do with collections and payments and should work out on the next month. There being no other questions, he then asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and report approved.


Ms. Dahlstrom reported there are 678 members paid in full, 190 not current, 4 Mexican members not required to pay, but did for a total of 872. There are currently 95 memberships whose status is unclear.

Mr. Dugan said there was a discussion between he and Monica about trying to get board members to take the list of members in their manzana to determine the amount of electric meters that are set. Mr. Sledge suggested that board members take the map of their manzana and get with Bengie Brown for his input on clarification of meter placement
he said the Company would know if lots are split and that would be a start. Mr. Kettelhut said the Vecinos have the actual manzanas as of fall of 2009 which would be a big help in getting a better count on the number of meters set. Mr. Dugan said it would really help in determining what income would be available when working on the budgets. There was also discussion about trying to get information from CFE and the Tax Department but Mr. Dugan said it would probably have to come from Bengie Brown.

Mr. Dugan did say that if lots are split and the Tax Department keeps everything current enough, that could possibly be a big help, too. He said he would do some checking as to the availability of information.

Ms. Dahlstrom said she could print out the manzanas and have one or two people in each manzana go around and put whatever information they can find regarding meters, etc. on the properties.

Mr. Clark suggested contacting Valente Cornejo since he knows the people at CFE and see what kind of information he can get.


With Michael Eagan’s resignation from the Board, Mr. Dugan said the he and Mr. Lee are now the Architectural Committee. The Board is very sorry to lose Mr. Eagan but he resigned due to taking a job in Kuwait.

Mr. Sledge said he knows there hasn’t been any movement on the CC&R’s and asked if there was going to be any activity. Mr. Dugan said his understanding was that the new administration is re-vamping everything in the entire city. He thinks when the Cholla CC&R’s came to the city, they liked them so much they are using them for all developmental processes around the city. Ms. McDonald wondered if the city passed new building guidelines would Cholla Bay have to adhere to them, too. Mr. Dugan said Cholla would have to follow the game rules.


Chairman Pat Sledge said not much happening but the OBSC bought a HDTV for the Clubhouse. He said Mike and Rhea Dugan fixed and painted the OBSC sign that blew off the east side of the building. He also said the fascia board really needs to be replaced.

With all the winds blowing garbage and sand around the building, he thought it would be a good idea to have the area cleaned about every quarter. The members thought that would be a good idea. He and Mr. Dugan are getting together to proceed with the cleaning.
Ms. Dahlstrom said due to some rough wear on the bar area, it might be a good idea to post something about the care of the clubhouse. The Clubhouse is cleaned by the user after every event but Mr. Sledge thought the interior might be deep cleaned quarterly, too.

The Busfield Family wants to rent the clubhouse in June and Mr. Sledge will get the definite date and post it on the calendar.


Mr. Dugan said there wasn’t much to discuss except what he and Ms. Dahlstrom had discussed about the membership and how they would handle it.


Chairman Jerry Ketelhut said the bulk trash collection the first part of January turned out great. There were some people cleaning up from the Maintenance Yard to the hotels and he was told they were from Mr. Brown’s office.

He has no news yet from OOMISLM regarding the trash in Cholla so he will continue with that. He said Dawn Marie and Ramon Perez’s Grocery Store is a new business member. He said he and Valente are also working on Chunga’s place for membership, too.

Mr. Dugan said Sal Otanez has two more of the roll offs that he would be willing to sell the Vecinos. They would probably need to have the sides raised to keep dogs out of them. He said someone local had also given the Vecinos a quote to build two roll offs. The trailers from Mr. Otanez would be $l,500 each out of his yard. There would be a cost of getting them to the border, bribes to get them across the border, gas and oil for the vehicles and paying someone for a trailer to transport them and a driver to pick them up.

One of the new trailers would be placed at JJ’s and the other at the dump. The old trailers that are basically useless would just go away.


Chairman Pete Pisciotta said he is going to replace or reposition some signs that have fallen down or been knocked down. He also has to add another mounting pole to the large

basura sign on the curve beyond the police station so the strong winds won’t cause it to
warp. He wants to find out from Bengie Brown what he is going to do about the curve by the equipment yard and if he doesn’t do something soon, he is going to put up two more dangerous curve signs before the spring break traffic hits town and hopefully prevent
accidents. He also needs to talk to Mr. Brown about the road from the police station into Cholla as well as a couple of other sites. There have been no complaints about the roads.
Mr. Pisciotta said he wanted to get with Mr. McKenzie about the poles that he feels needs to be removed near his property.

Mr. Sledge asked if the grader had hit all the roads on the map they were to service and Mr. Pisciotta said Mr. Brown said they had. Ms. Dahlstrom said they are to work on the
interior roads, too. Mr. Pisciotta said he checks for problems or if he has been notified of an interior road problem, he does report it to Mr. Brown. Mr. Sledge said he was buying a 4 wheel drive to get to his house so that was why he was asking. There was a conversation about the drag which has been absent and Mr. Dugan said he thought it was absent from the Cholla area. There was a discussion as to how hard it would be to make a drag and what the cost might be.


Chairman Gene Court said Mr. Brown has removed the dead trees and 3 new ones will be planted. The new teeter totter seat will be installed. The grounds are staying clean and the parks is being used a lot.


In the absence of Chairman Jim Niblack, Mr. Dugan said Toto has not delivered any breakin reports to him so he figured things were good. He was reminded that Donna Frazier had someone break into her house on the previous Thursday night and took all her keys including the one to her vehicle. Mr. Ketelhut asked Mr. Dugan if Toto made reports to him if they had stopped someone. He said he comes to him if they stop someone and have to make a report to the City and
gives him a copy of the report. No one knew if the incident was reported to the Cholla Police or the Rocky Point Police.

Ms. McDonald suggested that Mr. Dugan contact the Mayor or Police Chief regarding the car jacking on December 27 about 5 miles from Sonoyta on the way to Rocky Point. They had promised to have more Police on the road from Sonoyta and of all the board members
present, only a couple of people had seen them.

There was a discussion about the legality of tasers in Mexico. Flare guns were also discussed. Mr. Dugan said something even better was Wasp Spray which shoots as far as 30 feet and has something in it that really hurts.

Mr. Dugan said he got new shirts for the Auxiliary Police as required by the new administration. He said he also gave the police a heater since there is no heating equipment in the building. The board decided a heater should be purchased for the Police building.

There was a discussion about the stickers sent to homeowners when they paid their dues for cars and signs that had been approved to be posted by the entrance and exit near the police station.that stating that anyone might be subject to having their vehicle searched. Mr. Pisciotta said he had a problem with it and Mr. Lee didn’t understand why. Mr. Pisciotta said he wanted to talk to the Chairman of Security before he proceeded with that project and had not seen him since the sign was discussed. Mr. Dugan said since Mr. Niblack had not been to meetings for a couple of months, to just go ahead and get the two signs in Spanish and English and take it from there. It was discussed that this measure originated due to pick-up trucks going in and out loaded with a lot of tools, and other things.

Mr. Lee said Las Conchas is now checking if someone has something in their vehicle and if there is a reason to doubt, they will contact the homeowner.

There was a suggestion that the police, instead of sitting inside the building all the time, should be outside during the rush hour traffic. Mr. Ketelhut said this was discussed at the last meeting but he sees no change.


Nothing to report.


Mr. Dugan said nothing has changed except consumption has gone down the last couple of months.



Ms. Dahlstrom reported she has not heard from the auditors but will contact them.

Mr. Sledge again brought up a Town Manager and presented a breakdown of what he thought that person should do. He had asked for feedback and Mr. Ketelhut’s suggestions

were attached. Mr. Sledge said he wanted to discuss the proposal and would like to move forward with it.

A long discussion followed covering checking for a local management company which proved to be too much money and it is not the type management needed for Cholla. It was thought by some that there are a lot of issues in Cholla that need to be brought to the attention of Rocky Point and a Town Manager would be the person to handle that. After a very long discussion, including information from Gretchen Ellinger who had looked into a management company for another area, the general concensus was to continue with the possibility of hiring a Town Manager. Motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to proceed.


Mr. Lee brought up that Bancomer is charging $600 to sign off on the Federal Zone for homeowners on the water. This is to be paid to the bank and then they have to pay the federal people every year.

Mr. Dugan brought up his idea about putting a banner holder close to the road in front of the Clubhouse. It would be good for the events held at the Clubhouse and would also be informative regarding monthly and general meetings of the Vecinos.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at l0:45 AM.


Gretchen Ellinger said she had looked into Management Companies and they were very expensive for what they provided. She felt the Vecinos would not find a company who would do what was needed in Cholla. Since she was Membership Chairman for the Vecinos for several years, she said it was more work than the board could imagine. She
felt the job Monica does should be kept separate from a Town Manager. She also thought

it would be very helpful if the Vecinos’ office was manned from 10 to 4 on the weekend.

She commented on the Federal Concessions explained that the bank has to re-write every Bank Trust to include the concession and they are going to charge for it.

Ms. Ellinger said she felt there was nothing wrong with the people at the entrance looking into vehicles as they come in and out of Cholla.

Ray Flinn again got up to comment on the electric poles around town that need to be removed. He suggested that the Vecinos should volunteer to remove them. He also offered to donate materials to build the banner holder. He was also in favor of stopping individual garbage pick ups.

Respectfully submitted,


Shirley McDonald, Secretary


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