Regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, March 21, 2010

Regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, March 21, 2010



A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at the Cholla Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Michael Dugan with the following board members present: Helen Dahlstrom, Ken Goodin, Gene Court, Shirley McDonald, Pat Sledge, Lew Felton, Pete Pisciotta, Tom Clark, Steve Lee, Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., Don Schmidli, Delegate of Vigilance and Mexican Representative Valente Cornejo.

Absent: Gene Court, Jim Niblack and Alan Peterson.


The Board had previously received minutes of the February 14, 2010 meeting. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. There being none, he then asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and minutes approved.


Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures through February 28, 2010. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any additions or corrections.
Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and report approved.


Ms. Dahlstrom said there are 692 paid in full, 169 that are not current, 6 Mexican members not required to pay, but did for a total paid membership of 867. There are currently 102 memberships whose status is unclear.


Nothing to report.


Chairman Pat Sledge said the building fascia had been taken care of, the palapa is completed except for some drainage needed, and he had a drawing of the media cabinet for anyone who wanted to see it. He said the cabinet is under construction and will be brought

down in a couple of weeks. There had been discussion about cleaning around the Clubhouse occasionally and Mr. Sledge said the Vecinos owe Mr. Felton 300 Pesos for cleaning that week.

He had talked to Doug Gallagher about the sound system and the problem is a lot of bad speakers. The amp is fine, CD player is okay but several speakers are terrible. They will be looking at speakers and Mr. Gallagher said he would do the work at his cost but the board felt he should make some money since his business is hurting now. Mr. Sledge said he felt a very good sound system could be had for a lot less than allocated.

He also presented a temporary layout for the kitchen and after looking at it, he would like to change it making the work area on the back wall and putting the fryers in the middle under the hood where the old fryers sit and that would eliminate moving the hood. He is also considering changing the sink area to add some work space. He is eliminating a door to the kitchen from the hall.

Mr. Sledge said he wanted to take the wood poles out and possibly span a beam across the top and not have anything coming down to the floor. Since there was a problem with the burners at the last party, he thinks it might be a good idea to look into new burners because they are 55 years old. He will be looking into pricing for all the above changes.

He also wants to redo the electrical. There is a switch for every light in the kitchen and he wants to make it more user friendly. He had put together a book on how to operate in the kitchen. It had disappeared but he found a duplicate of the book.



Chairman Jerry Ketelhut, Jr., presented a Trash Removal Analysis showing costs from the City of Penasco and Renosa listing what they would do and what is not included. This was done for informational purposes rather than to make changes now.

CITY OF PENASCO: Cost for co-mingled trash $14,000 year, separated trash $11,520 per year.

Includes: Monday/Friday pickups, dump fees, pick up at home sites, will sell containers at

a cost of $17.00 per container.

Does not include: Beach cleaning, transfer station pick up, annual bulk trash pick up, JJ’s Trailer pickup.

RENOSA: Cost $16,800 per year with $1300 discount if paid annually.

Includes: 15 (3 meter) covered containers, 2 pick ups per week at 3 sites, maintenance of containers.

Does not include: Beach cleaning, pick up at individual sites, annual bulk trash pick up.

Renosa would pick up from three stations: garbage area, clubhouse and jj’s.

Mr. Ketelhut said one of his concerns with Rocky Point picking up from homes was the inability to get into some areas with their trucks. He was also concerned that they would not pick up from the transfer station where a lot of people drop off their trash including furniture, etc.

Mr. Ketelhut said with strange garbage trucks in the community, there were a lot of people looking and he received a list of 132 people who supported Jessie Arvizu for continuing service.

There was a discussion about the percentage of the budget that is strictly for garbage and the cost per person each year.

Mr. Ketelhut said with the economy bad he doesn’t want to take work away from anyone.
He appreciated that the garbage guys are the eyes and ears of Cholla whether they are picking up garbage or not. They have fought fires when necessary. If called, they will make a special pick up and are a member of the community. They have helped catch people breaking into home.

Secretary asked how garbage bills would be paid if either of the companies were selected to collect garbage, and was told it would be funneled through the HOA. Mr. Ketelhut said in riding with the trash truck, they are picking up from an average of 65 homesites. That was done in May but he felt it told him that the vast majority of homeowners take their trash to the trailers. Mr. Dugan said he asked the Rocky Point contact how many people in town actually pay for the service and he said 25%.
Mr. Schmidli said the City gets interested in Cholla when they will be getting money. Mr. Dugan said when he gets a list of Cholla taxpayers for the General Meeting, it will be interesting to find out how many are delinquent and for how many years. He feels if we could get people to pay their taxes, we could then talk more with RP about doing something for Cholla. Everyone was reminded that even though it looked as though by going with another company would be cheaper, there were a lot of things not included that we are currently getting for the money paid.

Mr. Sledge said garbage has been discussed at every meeting for the entire time he has been on the board. We would all like to get out of the business but we do like the personal approach we get from who we have now. We have seen comparisons which will not be that different in cost when everything is put together and he feels that we should make a decision and put garbage to rest.

Ms. Dahlstrom said what the comparisons show is that possibly we are paying too much for garbage. Mr. Dugan suggested that Mr. Ketelhut approach Mr. Arvizu with what he received from the other bids and how does the other functions equate to $25 to $28,000.
Mr. Sledge said they should say to him these are competitive bids for pick ups and we need what the extra costs are for the things that are not included on their bids.

Mr. Ketelhut’s Analysis is attached and becomes a part of these minutes.


Chairman Pete Pisciotta reported he had a couple of complaints and a couple of fixes. He has been maintaining signs. He is hoping to meet with Bengie Brown on Monday. He had Mr. Arvizu take some dirt down below the Four Aces where rain washed the road out. The cost was $200


In the absence of Chairman Gene Court, it was reported that several trees had been replaced and the park looks good. It has been used continually on the weekend. A community center is being built down in Borracho Flats and re-doing the school for K-5.


In the absence of Chairman Jim Niblack there was nothing to report. A lot of police were in Cholla during spring break. Mr. Sledge said the Auxiliary police come down to his

house every day on their tour around Cholla.



Mr. Dugan said the water would probably be slower during spring break and Easter. Mr. Sledge asked if there had been any more discussion about some kind of water storage for back up and Mr. Dugan said no.


One of the auditors was at the meeting and she said the HOA would have their results at the April meeting.

Mr. Dugan said he has not received any response regarding each Chairman getting a backup person when they are not available.


Ms. Dahlstrom said she wanted to update the HOA Database but had trouble getting in touch with the person she had been working with. She found a new person to work with and she will be able to do more with it than before. The cost will be about $3,000 for his programming and it will give her about a $400 cushion for things he might need. This will take care of all the accounting for fees and a variety of reports that will help them. It will also give history on lots so that they can keep an ongoing record and produce a lot of things they always wanted but couldn’t get.

Mr. Dugan asked if there was a completion time frame and Ms. Dahlstrom said that with all the work they had to do, it would be probably 60 days.

Motion was made, seconded and approved to proceed with the work she requested.

Mr. Sledge asked if the information would be available in the HOA office. Ms. Dahlstrom said she wanted to run the program off a thumb drive because she didn’t want it on anyone’s hard drive at their home. She said the HOA computer won’t handle this program.
Mr. Sledge said we have an office and need to utilize it and that is a whole conversation in itself. He feels the computer should be upgraded, the office be made workable and the

Vecinos work be done out of that office.

Ms. Dahlstrom said that since the fee structure had been changed again, it is becoming a little bit of a nightmare to keep track of. She said she got the impression from Monica that since rules were changed to charging membership dues based on meters that it was effective as of now. She said it can’t be effective now and all the people who think they have credits really don’t. It was set up that every lot would pay a membership fee, and since our budget was based on those fees, it is good for this year. Just because it was changed, we don’t change in mid stream and everyone who paid for a lot gets a credit. It is for this year and our budget was based on that and we will run out of money if rebates or credits are given. You can’t base a budget on credits.

There was more discussion about people being told in the Newsletter to contact the Vecinos if they overpaid and Ms. Dahlstrom said if they paid according to the guideline put in place for the year 2010, they didn’t overpay. The problem is that the Board voted on it and publicized it. The people putting together the budget need all information pertaining to who has been told they had credits.

Mr. Sledge said they need to ask Monica how many people came to her prior to January 1, 2010 regarding a credit.

Ms. Dahlstrom said everyone sent in their budgets and she basically used their request. She asked Mr. Niblack what he would have in a budget even though he is not running for a position. He mentioned a surveillance video camera so she put $5,000 in for it. There is work planned for the kitchen so she did put in reserves for the Clubhouse.

She based the budget on 732 even though only 692 has paid. Mr. Dugan said calculations based on meters may hit that amount because a house with a meter with a vacant lot next door would only pay one property so that would be $200 less than last year on just one property and there are lot of properties as described above. Ms. Dahlstrom said due to the change back, her number could be off $15,000 to $20,000. She said the way the fee schedule is now, that amount of money will have to come out of reserves.


Mr. Felton said the Newsletter has been sent with Proxies included together with an envelope. He also spoke about the impossibility of changing the Vecinos Constitution with the way it is written and the required attendance for voting.

Mr. Dugan asked him to put in the Newsletter that anyone who pays their taxes in the month of April to be sure and bring a copy of the receipt.

There was a lot of discussion about Proxies being voted. The Proxy states that a person may vote for whomever they want and send it either to the Vecinos to be handed out to an available Proxy voter or a person may leave it blank and either give it to someone or send it to the Vecinos and it will be voted the way the Proxy holder wishes. In either case, the Proxy sender must have it notarized prior to sending the document.

Mr. Dugan said the Constitution reads there will be a minimum of 5 board members but not more than 15. There was a discussion regarding the number of board positions open and how many people are running for them. There are 3 – 3 year terms and l – l year term.
The three with the most votes will get the 3 year terms and the person with the next highest number of votes will get the 1 year term.

The board had received an email from a person whose power was cut off. When CFE cuts off power they do not notify anyone. It has happened to several people and some of those people felt neighbors or someone should have notified them. That doesn’t usually happen because too many times no one is around to see what has been done. It was suggested that someone put something on the website regarding this happening and asking people if they see something like that to check the neighbors or get a contact and let them know what has been done. Mr. Felton has put this information in the Newsletter several times and volunteered to send a response to the person who was upset, send it to all the board, and put it on the website.

Mr. Clark suggested that a blurb be put in the Newsletter every time about the old meter bases and suggest that people replace them to avoid a problem when they are not there.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 12:01 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Shirley McDonald, Secretary


Gretchen Ellinger said there was a sign down on the west end of Cholla near the Beach access and was told it had been replaced.

She commented on the dues structure and felt she should get a refund, but did not check until after January 31. She also thinks the new dues structure is not very good because there are lot of structures using one meter but they are all using the road, the garbage area, etc. and they are only paying one membership. She said they are camping on vacant lots but still generating garbage and using the road. Mr. Felton told her that one home, one meter per membership. If there is another lot with a meter, they would pay two memberships and additional lots with no meters would not be paid.

Hal McKemzie is having surges of electricity and has been trying to get CFE out. He said Josefina paid his bills and was told if he will call her, she will get CFE out there.

Ray Flinn introduced the couple who have a boat house across the road from the Bollards that surround the Clubhouse property. He said they could not get into their garage due to the fence. He was asking that the Board approve changing the fence which had been discussed and turned down a year or so ago.

He brought up the person who keeps the trash area clean is not paid. He said he is actually doing a service for the community. He thinks he should be hired by the Vecinos.

He again brought up where the money was for the land dating back to the installation of power in Cholla. The board has answered those questions before.

Gretchen spoke in favor of continuing garbage service with Jessie Arvizu. She felt the board was in favor of continuing but was told that no decision had been made. Mr. Ketelhut was on a fact finding mission.

Someone was confused as to the voting regulations. Mr. Dugan said that according to the constitution, a person must be a homeowner, with dues and taxes current. To help us in making sure these rules are followed, the city gives the Vecinos a delinquent tax roll. If taxes were paid during April please bring a receipt.

Someone brought up the garbage showing down by the Four Aces, dirt was put in and then washed away. Mr. Dugan said the CC&Rs would have done that but unfortunately they were not put through.

Gen. Mtg. Saturday, April 24, 2010 9:00 AM 1. Audit
Reg. Mtg. Sunday, April 25, 2010 9:00 AM 2, Elections
Sunday, May 9, 2010 9:00 AM 3. Man at Garbage Trailers
Sunday, June 13, 2010 9:00 AM
Sunday, July 11, 2010 9:00 AM