Regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, November 15, 2009

Regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, November 15, 2009


A regular Board Meeting was held on Sunday, November 15, 2009 at the Cholla Community Center. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Michael Dugan with the following board members present: Pat Sledge, Shirley McDonald, Gene Court, Michael Eagan, Lew Felton, Ken Goodin, Jerry Ketelhut, jr., Steve Lee, Pete Pisciotta, Delegate of Vigilance Don Schmidli and Mexican Representative Valente Cornejo.

Absent: Helen Dahlstrom, Alan Peterson, Jim Niblack, and Tom Clark.


The Board had previously received minutes of the October 11, 2009 meeting. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any corrections or additions. There being none, he asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and report approved.


In the absence of Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom, there was no report.


Ms. McDonald reported there are 619 members paid in full, 269 that are not current, 3 Mexican members that are not required to pay, but did for a total membership of 891. There are 98 members who have an unclear status.


Committee Member Michael Eagan said there was nothing to report.


Chairman Pat Sledge reported there was still some work to be done on the Palapa including some paint. He said OBSC still has a little money left from donations for Eric and they are planning to tile the bar top and get it painted

He brought up that the role of the Vice President of OBSC is to take care of the building and that was how he got the job. Since Michael Eagan now holds that office, he inherited the job. Mr. Sledge said he and Mr. Eagan checked and measured off the building roof and the new Chairman is going to get some elastomeric, some bids and do the whole roof with special attention to some areas, especially a leak at the front of the building.

Mr. Dugan said he would like to know the last painting done to the building because it is starting
to look ratty and the fascia is deteriorating. He suggested the fascia be replaced.
Mr. Sledge reported the Secretary got a price to remove the window east of the bar including blocking up the hole and finishing and painting it. The cost was $250. This work was actually included in the project of replacing tile, but the job went over budget and the window was not removed. It was originally to be used as a “Wall of Fame” for plaques, etc. that are now by the entry to the kitchen.

Secretary has a new OBSC jacket no longer carried by the Club that she wants to sell raffle tickets for at the New Year’s Party and money derived from that would be put toward the cost of work to close off the back window. Mr. Sledge said they would do some spotlights , etc. Mr. Dugan said since it is a part of the building and money had been approved to do the work, it should be done by the Vecinos and other funds from OBSC could be used to do the lighting. Mr. Sledge made a motion that was seconded and approved to do the work described. Secretary said she was also checking the possibility of closing the ceiling at that point and it might cost a little extra so the board gave permission to spend up to $500.


Nothing to report.


Chairman Jerry Ketelhut, jr., reported that the Board had approved $10,000 to use for the purchase of new trailers equal to the one we have that lifts up when dumping. Before he went forward with that, he checked with the OOMISLM who is responsible for garbage. He met with the new man who came out and looked at the situation in Cholla. He cannot collect trash in our community because he doesn’t have the equipment to handle the steep slopes in Cholla. He did however, have an interest in picking up our trash from the transfer area and taking it to the dump. Since they are moving the dump to the new Caborca Highway which is about 25 miles out, he felt this might be something the Vecinos would be interested in. He gave a price of $250 for twice a month pick up at the Transfer Station and take it to the dump. Mr. Dugan asked if that included the dump fees and Mr. Ketelhut said he didn’t know and wasn’t asking for an approval at the meeting but wanted to present the information to the Board.

He reported that the trash goes to the Transfer Station where it is checked for anything that can be sold and the balance is taken to the dump, but money is made prior to hitting the dump. They also only pick up bagged trash. Mr. Dugan said our dump fees runs anywhere from 5,000 pesos to more than 10,000 pesos and averages about 7500 pesos per month. In a discussion, it was decided that what had been presented was just $250 more in cost per month for the pick up and we would still get the dump fees. That would also mean the Vecinos had to make sure everything was bagged which is not the case at the present time.

There was a discussion regarding Cholla being a part of Rocky Point where garbage pick up costs $5 per month. Mr. Dugan said they could add the $60 a year to his tax bill and the Vecinos could get out of the garbage business and reduce the homeowner dues by $60. The problem is they can’t get into some of the areas for the pick up.

Mr. Ketelhut said the city might entertain picking trash up from assigned locations by placing trash containers around Cholla for homeowner use and removing the dumpsters when full.

Mr. Sledge brought up the fact that the Vecinos Board is more a City Government than just a HOA and he doesn’t understand why we are in the garbage, road or water business, but if we are not, who is and who do they call if something isn’t done. If you look around Rocky Point, their garbage is strewn around the streets which shows there is no one for the people there to call. Mr. Dugan reported a conversation with one of the new regime regarding the number of people in Cholla who are delinquent on taxes. He also brought up the fact that 269 in Cholla haven’t paid their dues yet and we are funding everything in Cholla for the ones who have paid and also the ones who haven’t paid and he feels that is not right.

Mr. Ketelhut brought up that the board had approved pursuing dues from businesses in Cholla at the June meeting and the amount approved was $200. He said he had put together a basic packet giving them an overview of what they receive and what is expected of them. He asked that two other board members to go with him to meet the business owners. There was also discussion about the Mexican members of the community getting on board and paying something for garbage pick up, too. Mr. Dugan suggested that Jessie Arvizu be a part of the committee soliciting dues from the local businesses since he has been picking up for free. Mr. Felton and Mr. Cornejo volunteered to go with Mr. Ketelhut to visit the businesses.


Chairman Pete Pisciotta reported he had received compliments instead of complaints for the road conditions. He reported the Company is building a smaller drag that can be utilized with the tractor to get into narrower streets where they can’t use the grader.

He said Bengie Brown said they are only using treated water on the roads. He said Mr. Brown is concerned about the curve where you enter Cholla near the utility yard. It has been found to be very dangerous and he is planning to soften the curve instead of a ninety degree curve as was first installed. There was a collision there previously with the loss of one or two lives.

He is having some new signs made and they will be up by Thanksgiving.


Chairman Gene Court reported that the center Palapa has been repaired. He has some paint and will be doing some painting over Thanksgiving. They will be using marine grade paint because it is cheaper than some paints. Bengie told him he has already replaced 6 trees
and 3 more have died. He took a soil sample to the U of A and they are working with him to get soil good enough to maintain plants. He got no response regarding linseed oil to treat the big beam and he is asking for about 5 gallons. Mr. Dugan asked if anyone on the board had a problem with Mr. Court buying whatever he needed to protect all the wood beams. He has the money in his budget and he was told to go ahead and purchase it. Meanwhile Mr. Dugan will be

looking for some manure for the plants. Mr. Court said the park is being used a lot.


In the absence of Chairman Jim Niblack, Mr. Dugan said he had hired Memo Green and Arturo Arvizu as Auxiliary Security. Prior to them coming on board, there were approximately 9 break-ins during the month of August. They are working 6 days a week and he hasn’t heard of any break ins since they were hired and patrolling more. Arturo does the evening shift and the other person does the day shift. They are checking vehicles and closing off one side at night. The quad purchased by the Vecinos makes it easier for them to cover Cholla. He said we have to get new shirts with the new Rocky Point Logo due to a party change in the last election.

There was a discussion about the paint chipping off the police station and Mr. Dugan said he would talk to Tobo Green, who did the updates on the Police Station and see if he has any of that paint.

Mr. Dugan said they were going to replace the lights in the Fire Station bays. He said the fire truck is being maintained and tank water is being drained to flower beds and anything else needing water and then refilled.

There was a discussion about putting signs up at the Police Station in both English and Spanish that everyone is subject to search.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report. He received a couple of calls asking if there was anything he could do because the water was so slow. He made calls and it would eventually get better but it was usually caused by a broken line or they were filling up the condominiums. Nothing new on storage tanks.


Mr. Felton reported that he had a list of people up for election at the General Meeting in April, 2010. There are 3 board positions which are Pete Pisciotta, Tom Clark and Jim Niblack that expire in April. There are 3 officer positions including President, Vice President and Treasurer.
The Mexican Representative’s term is also up.

Mr. Felton said it was unusual for 3 officers to be up for election at one time and it was probably caused by someone resigning as a regular member to run for office and instead of the officers being staggered as usual, they all come up for election together. Since voting is done in April, it
was suggested that notice be put in the next Newsletter so that possible candidates may be thinking about the elections and if so, they should contact the Secretary.

There was a long discussion regarding how to handle the upcoming elections. The Constitution was quoted that the handling the elections was done by a Nominating Committee who chose some people over others. There was opposition to that by several people as they felt it should be called an Election Committee since we do ask members to run for a position. The criteria to run for a position is based on being a member, dues and taxes being current.

Mr. Ketelhut suggested that staggering of officer terms be done so that they don’t all begin and end at the same time. A suggestion was made that the President run for 3 years, Vice President for 2 years and the Treasurer for one year. After much discussion, a motion was made to follow the 3, 2, 1 year term as previously listed, seconded and approved. President’s term will be 3 years, Vice President’s term will be 2 years and the Treasurer 1 year.


Mr. Felton said he brought down the necessary equipment to get the WiFi set up and they installed it but still isn’t working. It doesn’t seem to be the equipment so he called TelMex and was told that since Monday was a holiday they wouldn’t get to work on it until possibly that Thursday. They have Mr. Dugan’s personal phone number so hopefully it will get taken care of then.

Mr. Ketelhut asked if he had news on the Audit? Mr. Dugan said Ms. Dahlstrom is handling that and they have been working on it.

Someone asked about the CC&Rs and Mr. Dugan said there was no news on that front.

The next item on the agenda was the dues. Mr. Dugan said there was a meeting back in January decisions were made and they were voted on and approved. We have had nothing but issues about the dues structure. There was a meeting in July with few members present and it was postponed until most of the members were present.

There have been a lot of problems with various situations such as what is a vacant lot, an adjacent lot and other questions. Mr. Dugan asked Monica give the board some of the questions she has had to answer. Complaints about paying for a vacant lot were that no garbage was generated, no extra traffic on roads and they didn’t feel they should have to pay. Mr. Sledge said Mr. Lee had suggested months ago that dues should be based on whether a lot had a meter and a kitchen. Mr. Pisciott made a motion that that every property owner shall be a member of the HOA. Anyone who owns more than one lot shall pay an additional membership when a meter is installed or construction is started on that lot. After a lot of discussion, his motion was then seconded and unanimously approved by the Boards.

There was a discussion regarding one lot where 2 or more dwellings are built and only one meter set to the property. There was also discussion about properties that have been built, still vacant
and no dues collected even though the roads were used to travel back and forth into Cholla while
building. There were several other questions and it was decided when the CC&Rs are approved and in place, that can be addressed.

Gretchen Ellinger brought up that there are several lots with no meter or construction but they are heavily used with self contained RVs and she was reminded that everyone would have a membership even if it is a blank lot. She said what happens if someone has three lots and does the same thing. Mr. Dugan said Cholla has become a problem with situations like that and the board will take each problem as they arise.

Monica asked what she should do when people have been paying on multiple lots in the past. Mr. Dugan said they would get a credit for this year, but it is not retroactive beyond that.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM.


One lady said the grader has made it almost impossible to get into their property. Mr. Pischotta said he had talked to Mr. Brown about it in the spring and had shown him the problem. Mr. Dugan said instead of the grader, they are planning to use a drag in the future which would help to eliminate the problem.

One lady said there was a break-in next door to them reported on November 1. She said the police did come but they don’t know what was taken because the owner hasn’t come down yet.
Mr. Dugan said he did not receive notice of the break-in and it may have gone directly to the Police in town. Toto, if working at the time of something happening, will write up a report and give a copy to him.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley McDonald, Secretary


Sunday, December 13, 2010 9:00 AM 1. Audit – Progress
Sunday, January 17, 2010 9:00 AM
Sunday, February 14, 2010 9:00 AM 2. CC&Rs
Sunday, March 14, 2010 9:00 AM
Gen. Mtg. – Saturday, April 24, 2010 9:00 AM 3. Elections
Reg. Mtg. – Sunday, April 25, 2010 9:00 AM
4. Garbage



1. Audit – Progress

2. CC&Rs

3. Elections

4. Garbage