Reports on Cholla home burglaries

Reports on Cholla home burglaries

News to Share from Lowell

Three Cholla Bay home robberies have been reported by email over the past 2 weeks. Read these emails to better understand how to protect your home. To keep the community informed and help us keep our guard up, please post comments to this posts with details of any recent situations you might have experienced. Just as everywhere in the world during these tough economic times, petty crime seems to be on the rise here in Cholla Bay.

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We all love our Cholla Bay so much and we all enjoy hanging out at each other’s homes periodically. Most of us leave our homes with the doors/windows open during the times of year when the AC isn’t needed. Well as some of you know……Friday, April 2nd while enjoying a lovely sunset/appetizers/drinks at Shirley and Owen’s awesome home (thanks again for everything) banditos decided to cruise through the neighborhood to see who was home and who wasn’t! Most of the “hood” were of course at the Kelly’s house. Mike Clark and Bill Hensler were robbed. Cash, laptop, camera were taken. No one was hurt and there was no vandalizing which is a very good thing.

Some of you may receive emails like the one below from Nancy Schmidi (if you would like to be added to her email distribution list, just let her know) but some do not receive so I am passing this on as there were more lazy people who seem to enjoy trying to ruin our good neighborhood by stealing what we all work hard to have. Sad to say but we all need to be more diligent in locking our doors behind us to protect our hard earned possessions.

Just wanted to be neighborly and pass on the news even though this time it isn’t good news. 🙁 The good news is we can all protect ourselves by looking out for each other and being aware of what is happening in our neighborhoods…………even asking questions to people who are not familiar.

Hope to see you all soon.

Marilyn Haney


Here’s more info from Laurie. I had ask her house is….

We (Laurie and Bella) have the two (on one lot and in one yard/wall) new two story yellow houses behind the police house; wash between us and Ketelhut’s. Bella now remembers three young teenagers hanging around on Tuesday; they actually looked into our next door neighbor’s yard; climbing up his gate to have a look and we think that is how they got onto our porch.

They took a silver Dell laptop, Cannon camera and money.

Casa Linda Security came out and said two other houses had been hit the same way a week or so ago. People need to lock their doors, even if they are home.

Thanks for putting these together and getting the word out!