Security Update

Security Update

By Jim Niblack

Penasco police have increased their presence and patrolling in La Cholla. There are 4 officers assigned to La Cholla and one officer is usually at the Cholla Delegacion building or patrolling the streets. I believe the improved level of police attention is a result of:
· Increased communication between the Vecinos and Penasco Police leadership.
· Repairing the Delegacion building, resulting is a more appealing and professional workplace for officers- and a better reflection on La Cholla.

An experiment using low-cost security staff to man the checkpoint by the La Cholla Delegacion did not meet desired standards and was ended in November. The primary goal of a dedicated security force is to provide increased vigilance of traffic passing by the Cholla Delgacion. Secondary goals include patrolling high-use areas of Cholla, protecting Vecino property, and enforcing community rules.

The next step, which is planned to be immediately implemented, is to contract 2 new individuals for security. This security staff would be contracted through Penasco Police but the selection process will have Vecino input. The funding of about $16,000 per year for 2 staff is not in the current budget, and the extension of the this trial would depend on Vecino approval of a security budget, acquired from homeowner dues.

Another item for future consideration is video surveillance at the entrance to Cholla. This could be both a robbery deterrent and an investigative aid for discovering how stolen goods move out of Cholla. For this to work, and to also protect Borracho Flats, the perimeter of Cholla would be to be fenced, forcing all traffic to go through a well-lit surveillance point. In addition to one-time costs of fencing, lighting and video surveillance equipment, a budget for system monitoring and camera maintenance would be required.

Your input is welcome. Please come to a Vecino’s Board meeting or send an email. Meeting schedules and board contact info is at .