Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007



A regular board meeting was held on Sunday, October 14, 2007 at the Cholla Community Center. The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 AM by President Michael Dugan.


The board had previously received minutes of the regular meeting on July 15, 2007. There being no corrections or additions, motion was made, seconded and minutes approved.


Treasurer Helen Dahlstrom passed out the report showing income and expenditures from July l through September 30, 2007. Mr. Dugan asked if there were any additions or corrections. There being none, he then asked for a motion to approve. Motion made, seconded and report approved.

Don Schmidli brought up a raise for Gretchen Ellinger and Mr. Dugan said that would be covered under the Executive Committee.

It was brought up that Helen Dahlstrom is not a signer on the Vecinos checking account and motion was made, seconded and approved that she be added as a signer on that account.


There are 644 paid members, 175 that are not current, 2 Mexican members who are not required to pay but did. Total membership is 821. There are 165 members whose status is unclear and are being researched. Overdue notices are being prepared for mailing.


Mr. Dugan reported nothing new to report on the CC&R’s but while the meeting was going on Sr. Vega delivered the lst part of the “Programa Parcial de Majoramento Urbano ‘Poblado La Cholla’.” The Vecinos need to supply them with the information we want to insert as to the building requirements, etc. Mr. Dugan and Steve Lee will compose a final draft to send to them. As soon as Sr. Vega gets this information and incorporates it into the documents, they will then submit it to the governmental authorities.

There was discussion as to how the Vecinos can enforce regulations when approved and enforce them without getting into litigation.


Chairman Pat Sledge reported the bar and tile are complete.


Nothing to report.


Chairman Don Schmidli said he had nothing to report. Collection was discussed as to what days they were to pick up.


Chairman Pete Pisciotta reported he still hasn’t received any input from the company with regard to the entry. He said there have been discussions with regard to putting up road signs since the streets have been named. He wants to talk to the Company to see if they will pitch in on cost. It is virtually impossible to find a home in Cholla if you are not familiar with the roads. It was suggested that signing the major roads would be a help and then work on off-roads.


Chairman Gene Court thanked the crew who worked on the park to accomplish everything that was done this summer. He also wanted to thank Benji Brown for water that the Vecinos had not been billed for. Mr. Dugan said Mr. Brown also has something that can be put in a hole prior to planting a tree and when the tree was watered, it would expand and retain water longer around the tree. There was also a discussion about the company giving some special grass for the park.

Barbecues are ready but he is holding off on putting them in until some other work is done. Mr. Court hopes to have trees in before the November meeting.

Mr. Dugan reported a homeowner in Cholla has a tennis court company in the states and has offered to put a coating on the park court with all the necessary markings.




Chairman Pete Peterson reported that Rocky Point has a new Chief of Police he has not yet had a meeting with him but hopes to have one in a week or so. The new chief is a professional policeman brought in from out of town.

Mr. Peterson said he had heard of no break-ins. He reported that there had been complaints from several people who were unable to reach the police when they are
Driving around. Mr. Peterson has marine radios so they can be reached when doing rounds but wants to check with the new police chief before giving them to the police.


Nothing to report.


Mr. Dugan reported there are several things the board has been trying to accomplish. They include the Deeds of Trust that have been submitted to the bank, the water and sewer issue to complete the regularization process, and the CC&R’s.

Mr. Dugan reported it is his understanding that most of the necessary information has been submitted to the bank. People applying for the trust get a packet with instructions from the Company and in that process Gretchen Ellinger will inform the Company whether or not the applicants are members of the Vecinos. Because of the high price of property now, people are able to get a mortgage or note and the lenders want something that says it can be liened. The bank has organizational problems, staff problems and are trying to decide if they can charge to handle the new lien paper and have basically stopped things until this issue is solved. Mr. Dugan suggested that anyone waiting on a trust continually check on the progress.

Mr. Dugan went to Rocky Point and tried to apply for permission to let the water trucks fill up there and not have to drive the distance into town to get water. Benji Brown told him that if he took over the standpipe, he had to take over the water line back to the reef. The Vecinos did not want to take that responsibility so Mr. Dugan asked Mr. Brown if the Vecinos could get an easement from Oomopas and was told yes, but Mexican people in Borracho Flats want water and sewer and there is a problem between the Company and
those homeowners and the possibility that the Company might change the water line in some locations. Mr. Dugan worked out some kind of deal with Benji and they went to Rocky Point to proceed with the plan.

The engineer in Rocky Point had a lot of reasons not to cooperate so Benji said he would try to get a meeting between Reyel Taylor, Gus Brown, the Mayor, Valente representing the Colony by the yard and Mr. Dugan. The Governor’s Convention caused a delay in the meeting. However, Benji told Mr. Dugan the Mayor of Rocky Point told Reyel and the Governor that he would have the pipe open at the end of the year. That would allow the standpipe to fill trucks at the edge of Cholla.

Mr. Dugan reported the Company has been working on the water and sewer lines to Cholla and copies of the plans were delivered to Mr. Dugan. The drawings have apparently been approved by the government. Some minor changes have to be done but Oomopas has approved them based on the changes being made.

Benji Brown told Mr. Dugan he thought it would take approximately a year to complete the job.

Gerry Nelson gave a presentation to the board with a written statement for the record. He felt the Vecinos should take the opportunity to review engineering and comment on the plans for water and sewer. He felt it was extremely important to the long term cost of operating the system. He felt the Vecinos would wind up operating the system at a later date. Mr. Dugan reported that Oomopas (the City) will maintain the system. It was pointed out that the sewer would be operated by the city just as the electric lines are.
Gerry Nelson, Jim Niblack and a couple of others are going to look at the plans presented by the Company.

Mr. Peterson stated that as he understood it, the water system is clear cut. The sewer system as re-designed is a low pressure system which eliminates the gravity design the state originally contracted for that would have been a nightmare. Each individual property is responsible for their own grinder pump to deliver from receptacle to the line.
However, the Health Department will not allow anyone to connect to the water line unless they connect to the sewer line first.

There was a discussion regarding the Vecinos having to pay some amount for water and sewer and most felt it would be worth something to have the services. Mr. Dugan reported that Benji Brown said the cost for the pumps is about $480.

The Company is responsible for the plans and the completion of work for water and sewer and when it is done and approved by Oomopas, they take it over.There will be a meter and each homeowner will have to apply for their water meter.
Only current members of the Homeowners will be allowed to hook into water and sewer.

Mr. Dugan clarified a letter received from Benji Brown regarding payment for hook-up of electrical power in the amount of $5,000. Mr. Brown said anyone owning a lot and wanting to get power, would not pay anything if they are current on their homeowner dues and current with the company if making payments. Otherwise, they would be charged.

Mr. Peterson said in a conversation with a Mr. Guzman of CFE, he was told the Company did not own the line and no one had to make that kind of payment to them. Someone putting in power can hire either CFE or a contractor and pay the fee they set


Pat Sledge announced there would be a Community Clean-up on November 10 starting at the Clubhouse around 9 – 9:30. Trash is to be taken to JJ’s and there is talk about weighing garbage and giving prizes to those who collected the most. There are several groups involved in the community effort and there was discussion about making this an annual event.

Lowell McCulley has posted the clean-up on the HOA Website.

Mr. Sledge felt the Vecinos should pay to haul the trash. Motion made, seconded and approved.

There was a long discussion regarding people driving on the beach and leaving garbage as well as affecting aquatic life. Bollards have been placed in some areas and a lot of discussion about placing them in other areas such as Tucson Beach. There was concern about launching boats and jet skis and the fear of accidents because the area is so congested with people. There are weekends when the launchers can hardly launch or load boats near the boat ramp.

Steve Lee volunteered to get in touch with Ernesto Munro whose father is in charge of the Federal Zone in Hermosillo and see if something could be done to alleviate some of the traffic and make the area safer.

Pat Sledge wanted to clear up a rumor about homeowner dues paying for police protection which is not true. Mr. Peterson said that even if their salaries were being paid by the homeowners, the Chief of Police determines what the police enforce. We might go and ask them to enforce something but it would depend on what they decide.

Gerry Nelson asked what is going on with the old signs still being up. He was told that
until they are approved by the city, nothing can be changed.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Dugan asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made, seconded and meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM.

Future Meetings: Saturday November 24, 2007 9 AM
December – To be discussed

Respectfully submitted,


Shirley McDonald