Tom McCullough’s drive from Penasco to El Golfo on the “new” road

Tom McCullough’s drive from Penasco to El Golfo on the “new” road

March, 2008
Report on the new road from Penasco to Golfo.

I drove the new road from Penasco to Golfo the first part of March. I did this based on the advice of a friend, Cruz, who told me the road was complete except for a couple of kilometers.

Cap 7

We drove about 40 miles on a nice road. I was giving 4 other people a ride to San Luis Colorado.

Cap 8

Then the road stopped. Oh, did I say I was also pulling a trailer. I am slowly moving from Las Vegas and am dragging this trailer back and forth on a regular basis.
Cap 9

The construction workers who were at the end of the paved road assured us we could make it and that there was only a little way to go. Then we had 25 miles of sand. First hard packed sand and then 8 miles of loose silt. The jeep earned a new name “Burrito” because after we let the air out of the tires, it pulled the trailer and all 5 of us through the sand at a steady, bumpy, uncomplaining 30 miles an hour.

Cap 10

It was 150 miles to San Luis Colorado and we made it in just about the same time it would take to drive the existing route through Sonoyta.

The good news is we didn’t have to drive the road from Sonoyta to San Luis which everyone knows is the Calle de Muerte.

The bad news is my trailer is a little worse for the trip through the desert.

Unless you have 4 wheel drive and are up for an adventure, I would advise (unlike my friend, who’s new name is “Pinche Cruz”) waiting for the road to be complete.

Buena Suerte
Tom McCullough
Cholla Bay