Truck stolen out of Black Dog’s parking lot (Be Alert)!

Truck stolen out of Black Dog’s parking lot (Be Alert)!

This message was sent to me by friends who this happened to.  Let everyone and anyone know so they can be aware of what is going on down here and keep an eye out for this truck.  thanks,  Cynthia

Cynthia & Bruce

Our truck was stolen out of Black Dog’s parking lot Friday night between 8-9 pm.  They had a security guard in the parking lot sitting 5 cars down from our truck.  We were parked under a motion light too!!!  When we went to leave, we asked the security guard where our truck was and his response was “what truck”???!!! 

Vicky called the police for us and we filed a report and went down to the Police Station to have it written into their “ledger book”.  They said we had to come back Sat at 9 am and file it with the “State” in the same building.  We got there & they were closed – we were told they open at 11am.  We waited and when we went back in, there were 20 people in line and only 1 person working!!  We were told they closed at 1 pm so we were unable to do this.  We’ll find out tomorrow if our corporate auto insurance covers this. 

We did find out that On Star is f——— WORTHLESS in Mexico!!  They wouldn’t even give me a GPS reading on where the truck was!!  They don’t work with the Mexican authorities!!  What a f—— crock of s—!!  Bill’s son, Dan, drove down to give us a ride back home.

We’ve told everyone we know – even our contractor (Andres) that we are offering a $1000 reward – no questions asked!!  We told the police to contact JJ’s if they find it and John & Pam will get in touch with us.

Here’s the info on the truck, please tell EVERYONE down there:

2005 Chevy Silverado 1500HD, 4X4, all white (even the trim, mirrors – tire trim, etc.), oversize tires, chrome rims, chrome running board, leather bucket interior, black toolbox/gas tank in the bed of the truck.  VIN # 1GCGK13U85F872802   AZ License Plate   CC19535.

Someone suggested that we contact the radio stations in town and the newspaper to run an ad about the $1000 reward – no questions asked!!  Do you think you could do that for us??  I have no clue about any of that.  If you can, we’ll pay you back any costs incurred.  We didn’t get to tell Ramon (Pietco Water Truck – yellow cab) about it.  If you see him, will you let him know also??

You can reach us in these ways:1)  Work  602-955-8966

2)  Tammy Cell 602-399-0652

3)  Bill Cell 602-390-1342 

4)  Work e-mail  – best way to reach me (I don’t always go on at home)

Thanks for any help you can give us.  Oh yeah, that same night someone tried to steal a Black Chevy Silverado from JJ’s parking lot!!  They didn’t get that one, but messed it up.  They had to tow it into town to get it repaired.  We’ve heard that 4X4’s are a VERY BIG commodity in Rocky Point right now.  Warn everyone!!

Thanks again.

Tammy & Bill