Tuesday, October 17, 2006 6:00 PM

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 6:00 PM

Hi Everyone,

Well, here I am again.  It has been a very windy day in Cholla.  But we enjoyed watching the white caps and the waves crashing over Pelican Point.  There is always something to watch on the ocean.  Wish you were all here to enjoy it.

There will be a Thanksgiving dinner at the clubhouse in Cholla on Thanksgiving Day.  It is open to the entire community, family and friends.  The turkey will be provided.  All you need to do is bring a side dish..Please contact Pat Goodin at nolehacepat@yahoo.com for more information.   This will be a good time for families and friends to get together and get better acquainted.  We hope you will all participate in this activity and if it is a success, we would like to make it a yearly event… 

Also, over Thanksgiving week-end, on Friday and Saturday there will be a craft sale at the clubhouse.  Proceeds from this sale will go to the Cholla Charity Foundation, CCF.  This fund was formed last spring for the purpose of helping our Mexican neighbors who live and /or work in Cholla and are in need.  So far we have helped Alejandro, who has worked for several people in Cholla.  He had injured his ankle and was unable to work. He had two operations on his ankle and is able to walk without pain.  We also gave money to Salvador and Maggie.  Salvador was very ill and had complications from an operation in Hermosillo.   He is better now and they are back in Cholla.   This is the purpose of this fund. 
Donna Wilhite is in charge of this sale.  She is in need of more items for this.  She will be in Cholla next week and will be having painting, etc. at her house beginning Oct 25th. If you would like to try your hand at this, please contact Donna at chollajohn@prodigy.net.mx or call her at 382 5066.  If you want to have fun, just join these gals.  The main idea is to have fun. 
If you can donate a craft or two that would be great.  If you don’t want to craft, please bake something for the bake sale that will be held with the craft sale. 
It is a lot of fun and goes for a good  cause.  I will be traveling and won’t be here during the month of Nov. so please call or email Donna or Pat for more information….  

That will do it for today…. but there will be more tomorrow.  Hope you’re having a great day!!!     Nancy S