Using Blogdesk, Installing and posting..

Using Blogdesk, Installing and posting..

Here are some instructions to install a tool Blogdesk for making web site postings very easy. Once Blogdesk is installed and configured the process of adding information to the web is as easy as creating an email. For those using dialup internet connections the web posting can be created without being connected. Once the posting is finished and ready to be posted you then connect to the internet. Here’s the steps to get it operational.

Download & Install the Blogdesk software

Configure Blogdesk software

Posting to the web site

I would recommend that you print these instructions so you have them during the install/config. Use “print this post” in the upper left corner.


Download & Install the Blogdesk software

click here to download

Click on OPEN to start download

Click NEXT for each window. You will have to check accept on the license agreement.

Click INSTALL to finish installation.

Some computers request an Microsoft Office 2000 CD. If you get this message click the cancel button each time it appears. It will eventually move on to finish the install. Everything seems to work with Office.


Configure Blogdesk software

Start Blogdesk if it didn’t start at the end of the install.

Go to menu FILE and click on “manage blog

Click NEW

Enter the blog name, ChollaBayHOA or ChollaCommunity -NEXT

Enter blog address – NEXT

Cap 11


or  Note you must use capital letters where present (case sensitive)..


Select WordPress – NEXT


Click NEXT on Entry point

Enter ID & Password provided you in the email – NEXT

Click “Get ID”. If everything is entered previously correctly it should be Successful. If it fails go back using Previous and recheck. – NEXT

Click “Get Categories” – NEXT

Click “Test Upload” OK – NEXT


Now your ready to do a web posting….


Posting to the web site

If you like a users manual click here Everything in the users manual is in the Help tab. Chapter 3 is the one to read for managing and editing blogs. Here’s the basics I use..

Cap 16


Select the blog & category for the posting in area 5.


Uncheck “Allow Comments in area 6.

Enter title in 2

Write your web entry in 4 using tool bar 1

Enter photos using photo tool pointed to by arrow in 1

Photo tool is very powerful and eliminates the need for a photo editor. I still use an editor to adjust photo exposure problems..Cap 17

The photo can be resized using the SIZE TAB. Big and Medium are good options. For special sizes use FREE to enter a size.

The CROP TAB can be used to cut away unwanted areas in a photo.

The ROTATE TAB This one is obvious…

The SHADOWS & BORDERS creates nice effects. Experiment.

COLORS TAB I’ve not used…

ALIGNMENT allows you to place photos on the right or left edge of blog. Try out the options.

It’s time to pubish your web posting…

If you want to publish later got to FILE menu and save.

Later you can open saved post. Once open you can go to FILE menu “Publish Post”

If your not connected to the internet, connect now.

To Publish your post go to file menu and click “Publish Post”… It done…


Editing and Deleting web posting

During the early experimental process it’s good to know how to edit or delete a posting.

Editing… is done with Blogdesk.

Open Blogdesk and go to the file menu and select “Edit Post already published”

Select blog and then click show posting. Find your posting and click EDIT to open it..

Edit posting and then go to the file menu and click “Publish Post” and answer yes to replace existing post.

Deleting.. Same procedure as editing execpt instead of opening with edit select and click DELETE.

Congratulations… Your now a blogger.. Looking forward to see your posts.. Go a head and create a post, publish it and check out how it appears on the web site. Either leave it posted or delete it. Keep in mind while it is published it is visiable to whom might be browsing the web site.

Your friendly web support … Lowell