Voting Requirements for the April 25th HOA elections.

Voting Requirements for the April 25th HOA elections.


This is an excerpt from the Voting Proxy Notice posted on the 14th..



A. Eligibility to vote at the General Assembly shall be subject to the following

requirements, all of which must be met:

(1) Membership dues must be current;

(2) All fees, federal, state and local taxes, shall be current not less than 30-days

prior to the Annual Membership Meeting (General Assembly).

(3) The member must hold title as defined in the Constitution to his property on

the date of the Annual Meeting.

B. A member shall have one vote for each membership.

C. Joint and/or multiple owners of property in La Cholla shall have one vote per



A. Voting in Person. Any eligible member in attendance at the Annual Meeting when

called to order shall qualify to cast their vote(s) within one half-hour following the close of the

Annual Meeting.

B. Proxies. Voting by proxy is permitted subject to the following requirements and


(1) Each member may vote only one proxy and no more than one proxy. Any

member violating this procedure will have that member’s ballot and all proxy ballots voted by

that member voided and disallowed.

(2) Proxies with a ballot will be mailed to each member eligible to vote at the

annual meeting and shall be mailed back in an envelope provided for that purpose.

(3) Each proxy shall be notarized in the United States and shall designate the

name, manzana and lot number of the member designated to vote the proxy. In the event no

member designation is made, then the proxy owner shall be deemed to have appointed and

authorized the Nominating Committee or it’s delegated representatives, to distribute the proxy to

any member not holding a proxy. Proxies will be distributed according to the stamped date

received. Notarized proxies will be checked for eligibility prior to the Annual Meeting and

according to the date received.

C. The Nominating Committee and each other member as may be appointed by the

Board of Directors shall administer the collection and counting of the ballots. No ballots other

than proxies may be cast by a member prior to the conclusion of the Annual Meeting and the

opening of the ballot boxes.

D. All matters to be voted on, including the election of officers and directors shall be by

majority vote.

E. Voting on any matter shall be in accordance with the requirements and required

percentages as set forth in the Constitution.

F. Voting results shall be formally announced in the next HOA newsletter.