Wednesday, October 18, 2006 10:13 AM

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 10:13 AM

Hello from “the Bay”,

It is still a little breezy here but not as much as yesterday.  It is actually “perfect”.  Not too hot and not too cool.  I’m glad I am not in Colorado now.  It is snowing there..   Here, we just have a few white caps and the birds at the beach.  (Pic below.)

Today’s message is about the Christmas party which will be on Dec. 9th.  I know that is early, but Santa is very busy later.  For the party we need more jewelry for the children to pick to give to their mothers.  If you have even one piece of sparkling, pretty jewelry that you can donate, please bring it to Pat Goodin.  She is in charge of the jewelry table.  The kids love doing this, so I hope we can get enough nice jewelry to have this activity.  And we can always use new or good condition toys. 
For the food boxes, we need roasts, beef or pork.  We will need at least 32.  That is how many families we had last year and there may be more this year.  If you bring one or two each time you come, that will be great.  I will be happy to reimburse anyone for these, especially if you bring several.  Having the party this early, they may want to use this meat for tamales.  So far I have 0 roasts.  We also will be giving peanut butter, jam or jelly, mayonnaise, canned corn, canned fruit, and macaroni and cheese. 
Of course, we can always use monetary donations and we will do the shopping for you… 

This year I will be gone during the month of November,  so I am trying to get everything arranged for now.   When you bring food or toy items, please take them to Gerry and Dottie Nelson’s, just down the street from my house in the A-frame with the blue trim or take them to Pat and Ken Goodin’s.  They will see to it that the meat is put in the freezer at the clubhouse.  You may also put your roasts in the freezer at the clubhouse if it is open.  Please put your name on your donations… so I can thank you on email or in the chatter.  If you don’t, well, thanks you very much anyway….
If you wish to donate money (we like it very much) please make the check out to Cholla Bay Christmas Fund and send it to me, Nancy Schmidli, 10645 W. Connecticut Ave, Sun City, Az.  85351, or  P.O. Box 218, Lukeville, Az.  85341.  

I hope we can make this another fun Christmas party for our Mexican families.  They are not as needy as they used to be, but this is a “Good Will Affair” that they all look forward to.  With our community changing so much, it is good to hang onto some of the old customs and try to keep some good feelings between us and our Mexican neighbors…

Hope to see you all “in The Bay!”       Nancy S.